Learn What It Takes To 10X Your Effectiveness. Attend A Live Event. Grow Your Future.

Are you a successful, ambitious, growth-oriented entrepreneur? If so, then you qualify to take an exclusive look at the wonderful world of 10X Effectiveness. Come invest a few hours of your time to explore what it takes to maximize your effectiveness and grow your business and life 10X.

Complimentary consultationStep 1. Reserve Your Seat, Today! Seats are limited to a exclusive group of highly motivated entrepreneurs who are ready to learn what it takes to make their experience match their expectations.

Listening sessionStep 2. Experience 10X In Person
Invest two hours on the most important person in your company, YOU. We’re betting you’ll decide it was two of the best hours you’ve ever spent on yourself.
Informed decisionStep 3. Make An Informed Decision
After attending You’ll know deep in your gut if participating in the program will grow your effectiveness. You’ll be empowered to decide if it’s right for you.
I’ve tried everything to get better results in my professional and personal life. I might as well have been banging my head against the wall until I started working with Les. He helped me untangle and re-organize my thinking and everything began to change. I honestly think my effectiveness has grown 100x. And based on what I’ve seen, I expect his workshops to be exponentially more effective. I can’t wait to see what comes next.
Will Christopher, Christopher Consulting
Will Christopher

What will you learn at the live event?

If you agree…

how we think about and look at our business and life determines the habits we develop, choices we make, actions we take and results we get.

Then you’ll also agree…

to achieve higher levels of success requires a particular set of properly organized mindsets and habits, each specific to the many roles we play.

During the live two hour event, Les will:

  • Walk you through a 10X mindset and habit framework you can immediately use to grow your effectiveness.
  • Show you how we establish baselines and track growth quarter by quarter.
  • Discuss the overall structure and primary objectives of the program.
  • Reveal what it will be like to actively participate as a partner in the 10X Effectiveness program.

What makes the 10X program transformational?

As an entrepreneur you are not like most people. You possess unique capabilities the average person doesn’t understand or get. Your willingness to take risks, disrupt the status quo and innovate new solutions affords you the freedom to do what is required to make your experience match your expectations.

When you come into the program experience ready to grow your effectiveness, you’ll learn very quickly what it takes to develop the most effective mindsets and habits. Utilizing our growth concepts and transformational thinking tools you’ll leverage your unique capabilities to

  • Remove complexity
  • Reclaim freedom
  • Clarify vision
  • Prioritize plans with concrete action steps
  • Build self-sufficiency among your team
  • and so much more

empowering you and your team to make your most valuable and unique contributions while pursuing your greatest opportunities.

Join us for an eye-opening adventure into the world of 10X effectiveness. Don’t wait for the timing to be right. The right time to invest in yourself and to grow your effectiveness, is always, NOW!

I started working with Les to reach next levels as a salesman. What I’m getting instead is a mind-blowing, world-class education in maximizing my effectiveness. Every week my effectiveness grows in my most important roles as entrepreneurial salesman, husband, dad, human being. When Les launches his workshop… I’ll be first in line to sign up.
Grea Sellers, Heartland Payment Systems
Grea Sellers

PS- Healthy skepticism is normal. If you’d like to know more about the live event before making your decision, please click on the green button, then use the ‘request a phone consult’ section of the registration form. Someone will call to arrange a time for you to speak with Les personally.


Learn. Do. Grow10X.