About Les

My names is Les Dossey v6, or version six. Lifelong entrepreneur.

My fascination with building and restoring stuff began as an adolescent. Later, out of necessity, I had to master restoring and rejuvenating myself. I then got asked to help a few entrepreneur friends to restore and rejuvenate their life and business. So I developed a system and I teach it as often as I can.

As far as I am concerned, talented, ambitious, entrepreneurs are the solution to all of the worlds problems. They possess a unique set of capabilities the average person doesn’t have. The desire to make things better. The courage to take risks. A strong internal desire to create greater freedoms for themselves and others. And Grit. Down and dirty, make it happen, no matter how much they have to pay to get it done, Grit.

It’s also very easy for them to get wrapped around the axle, tangled up in the many challenges, they face. They suffer in silence. Feeling like they have no one to really talk with. Constantly questioning if they are doing the right thing. Wishing and hoping for greater clarity.

Learn. DO. Grow 10X is a unique restoration and rejuvenation system for successful, ambitious, but worn out entrepreneurs. We’ll help you reclaim and expand your freedom. Simplify and grow your business and life 10X.


I’ve spent the last 20 years developing growth concepts, thinking tools, and questioning strategies to help coach entrepreneurs. In 2016, I made the decision to build out a special program exclusively for entrepreneurs. We call it Learn. DO. Grow 10X. Learn more >>>


I have been married to my gorgeous bride Lisa for 17 years. We live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have three wondrous children, and four delightful grandkids. I also have a boxer named Barbie.


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We create the future from our current understanding. If our understanding remains the same so to will our future.Les Dossey