Act On The [GOALS Habit] And Transform Your World

Life will give you exactly what you give it. Develop the GOALS HABIT® and give your life what it needs to flourish.

Act on the Goals Habit and Transform Your Life

The seeds you sow will produce a harvest of like kind. When stuff happens, and situations arise, it is your response that determines your future. What you sow is always a matter of your choosing.

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If we appreciate our opportunities, lessons, successes and relationships, life has a wonderful way of rewarding us with more of these. If we appreciate our failures, losses, strained relationships, hardships and challenges, life also rewards us with more of these.

The choice is ours.

That’s why I developed the GOALS HABIT® so that I could intentionally choose to integrate life’s most important moments. It has made all the difference in my business and life and in the live’s of many who have adopted this simple, daily habit.

Why don’t you give it a try for ninety days and see if it doesn’t transform your business and life?

Let’s get started.

Answer five very important questions, daily.

  1. Gratitude. What new things am I grateful for today?
    Gratitude causes the important stuff in life to appreciate. Unfortunately, life has a way of causing us to take things for granted. When this happens we find ourselves reacting with gratitude only when something happens that warrants it. Multiplier Entrepreneurs know it is far more valuable to be grateful on purpose. To actively look for things to be grateful about.

    There are Seven Benefits of Being Grateful On-Purpose:

    1. Better relationships
    2. Better physical health
    3. Better psychological health
    4. Enhanced empathy
    5. More restful sleep
    6. improved self-esteem
    7. increased mental strength

    Multiply your health, power, relationships, events, opportunities and challenges by choosing to be grateful on-purpose.

  2. Opportunities. What new opportunities can I seize?

    The demands of business can prevent you from noticing or capturing the new opportunities that surface each day. With the GOALS HABIT® you’ll become conditioned to not only notice new opportunities but to capture them so they can be fully vetted. With my IP VETTER® you can quickly vet your newest opportunities, ideas and challenges to determine if they have merit, and if the timing is right to take action on them.

  3. Actions. What next right action can I take?

    The easiest way to keep things moving in the right direction is to develop the habit of asking yourself what next right action you can take.

    Multiplier Entrepreneurs learn to ask:

    • Am I being the right person?
    • Am I doing the right things?
    • Am I doing the right things right?

    If you get stuck, simply remember to ask, ‘What is the next right action or step I can take?’ and you’ll instantly get moving again.

  4. Lessons. What new lesson can I integrate?

    We learn new things everyday, but lessons don’t serve us unless we purpose to act on them. By capturing your daily lessons you’ll condition yourself and imprint the new lesson so that in future situations you’ll have access to the new knowledge and make better, more effective choices.

  5. Successes. What new successes can I celebrate today?

    The best way to multiply your confidence is to condition yourself to notice your daily successes, for it is our wins that pull us forward. If you play golf then you know what I mean. One good golf shot is enough to keep you going back time and time again. Leverage your successes to build your confidence.

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Developing any new habit takes time, commitment and consistency. Our existing habits want to continue driving and will come up with a thousand and one reasons to skip answering the 5 VIQ’S.

  • I don’t have time.
  • It will be OK if I wait until it’s more convenient
  • It’s doesn’t seem to be working, does it?
  • I don’t have anything to be grateful about.
  • I’m too tired.
  • It’s too much work.

Don’t worry. It is perfectly normal to experience resistance. I recommend the following actions to make developing the GOALS HABIT® as easy as possible.

  1. Commit to answering each question only once to begin. Then as you get more comfortable working your way through the questions you will find it easy and beneficial to identify at least 3 answers for each question.
  2. Answer the 5 VIQ’S at the same time each day so that a neural pathway gets carved into your psychology.
  3. Make it as convenient as possible to engage in the new habit each day. Remove all the barriers that would make following through difficult.
  4. Create a trigger that reminds you to follow through. Technology makes setting triggers as easy as breathing.


The easiest way to develop the GOALS HABIT® is by creating a trigger that reminds you to answer the 5 VIQ’S each day. To make that process convenient and easy I recommend using a desktop and smartphone app.

For iPhone users

Dayone Journal App

Day One is a simple way to journal.

It’s easy to complete your GOALS HABIT® with the elegant Day One app. iCloud or Dropbox syncing to the beautiful Day One Mac desktop application and the iPhone and iPad apps. Day One is well designed and extremely focused to encourage you to fully develop your GOALS HABIT®.

For Android users

Journey App

Journey is a simple way to journal.

It’s easy to complete your GOALS HABIT® with Journey. Sync to Google drive. Journey will encourage you to fully develop your GOALS HABIT®.

Call to Action

  • Download your app of choice and set your GOALS HABIT daily reminder!
  • Share this post with someone you care about or download the PDF and email it to them.

Remember: Focus on your GOALS HABIT® because the things you focus on and appreciate, magically MULTIPLY.

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