The Plodding Effect

The Plodding Effect: verb (used without object)

  1. to reach a level of competency and plateau or stall out
  2. to proceed in a tediously slow manner: His career just plodded along slowly.
  3. to work frantically at the trivial many while neglecting the vital few.
  4. to get deep in the weeds
  5. stuck
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Effective First Before Efficieny

Effective Before Efficiencient

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Today – Do what you’ve put off doing.

Almost everyone has that one thing they’ve been carrying around that’s weighing them down. That thing they’ve been putting off, but they know needs to be done.

Today. Do what you've put off doing 640

You know the one that’s like a giant elephant taking up so much space in your head that you can’t see or think straight. [click to continue…]

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No Guts, No ROI! How to Work With Your Dislikes, Discomforts and Fears.

Every man irrespective of their level of success has dislikes, discomforts and fears. And for most, these are the barriers between them and greater levels of success.

No Guts No Roi

The difference between the outrageously successful man and everyone else is found in how he looks at and thinks about or works with and through those barriers. [click to continue…]

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Anchor These Habits of Thought

Have you ever wondered why you get what you get in your life, career and relationships? You know what you want, but for some unknown reason your choices and actions sabotage your desires.

Anchor these habits of thought 640

I wondered about it myself for years, as I mentioned in an earlier post, it seemed like their was an invisible barrier between me and what I wanted. But once I learned what was really happening and made the necessary adjustments things began to change and improve rapidly. [click to continue…]

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