You are probably here because your business or life is tangled up in a CRISIS. Now you need to decide quickly if Les is the right guy to help you untangle it.

If the words of Les’ clients don’t help you decide, nothing will.

Client Words…

I have Les on speed dial. He is my private and personal 911 service.

He’s the guy I call when my business or life gets tangled up in a crisis; when pressing issues seem impossible to resolve; when despite my best efforts the distress continues to persist.

Les has a unique ability to ask truth-seeking discovery questions and to listen so penetratingly that he can zero in on the root cause of an issue very quickly. His gift leads me to self-discovery through mind-bending questions that clear the fog so I can see the cause, matched with identifying practical, actionable steps that leverage my unique individual talents and natural instincts to resolve the issue permanently.

I recommend you put Les on speed dial. Even add the tags: “crisis”, “emergency”, “issues”, “distress”.

Tip: The best time to call Les is the moment you become aware you’re faced with a seemingly impossible issue.

Will Christopher, President, HRPTA
Will Christopher
When the housing bubble burst my business slid off a cliff. To say I had a crisis was an understatement. There were times when I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Thank God for Les.

I don’t know how he does what he does. I just know that every time I thought I had reached the end Les knew just what to say and which questions to ask.

I have no way to prove it but I think he might be an angel. He rides around on my shoulder listening to my thoughts asking me these powerful questions. Constantly reminding me that even though I went through a class 4 crisis I have everything I need to ride out the storm and restore what was lost.

Emmit White

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Remember: The problem is never the problem. The problem is not knowing how to think about the problem.Les Dossey