Great Questions Are Like “Windex” They Wash Away the Stuff Impeding Our View.

Have you ever had someone ask you a question that was so profound it stopped you cold in your tracks and changed the course and trajectory of your life? 

Great Questions Are Like Windex

Great questions change the way we think about and see ourselves, our situation and the world, because great questions open up our closed minds and hearts to consider new possibilities. 

Obviously I don’t know what the state of your business or life is at this moment, but if you’re one of the millions of professionals who came up short in 2014, and the years preceding it weren’t much better, then you’re probably asking yourself some serious questions about right now. Questions like …

• Why can’t I breakthrough?
• Why do I keep coming up short?
• When are things going to get better?

And if you’re asking those kinds of questions, then you’re probably hearing it from others as well. Maybe your wife, your kids, your partner, your employees are asking you similar questions. Questions that make you question your very existence. Questions that cut you like a knife. Questions that have you searching the depths of your soul and the outer reaches of the universe for answers. 

I don’t know if I can help you, but one thing I can do is pose or ask some,”Windex like,” view clearing questions that will make navigating the months ahead much easier. 

What is the Vital Difference?

Have you ever wondered, as I have, why one person follows through, doesn’t hold back, doesn’t let up and goes for it with everything they’ve got while another just can’t seem to make it happen? Have you ever wondered why the guy who made it happen, who obviously doesn’t work any harder, and isn’t any brighter, smarter, sharper or more talented than the other person, somehow, someway, gets it done? 

I think both of these questions are powerful because they compel us to look for the clues that success provides, and they raise even better, more powerful questions. 

Questions like: What was the vital difference? And could it be that the vital difference had everything to do with how they applied what they knew? Could it be that the man who got it done and made it happen learned how to get laser focused on the vital few things that matter and avoided the trivial many that don’t?

Have You Heard of the Plodding Effect?

The plodding effect is a term I use to describe what happens to millions of hard working, bright, sharp, smart and talented people. People who already have in their possession everything they need to become wildly successful in every area of their lives and yet, year after year, keep coming up short. 

They plod along working frantically on the trivial many things that don’t matter while neglecting the vital few that do. The plodding effect causes them to unknowingly cheat themselves and those who’ve committed their lives to them. It causes them to squander their talent and potential and to settle for a fraction of the returns, a fraction of the success, a fraction of the good life that could be theirs if they weren’t simply plodding along. 

Don’t live the same, just barely getting by “Year” over and over and over again. Escape the plodding effect.

Have You Heard of the Vital Few Methodology?

It’s the key to escaping the plodding effect. It’s a discipline that involves subtraction to obtain growth instead of addition. A discipline that involves looking at your business, life and relationships for the vital few causes that produce the majority of value and success while removing your focus and action as much as possible from the trivial many. It’s a discipline derived from the 80/20 or Pareto principle which states simply that 80% of effects (successes and failures) come from 20% of causes.

It’s a discipline that when developed causes 30,50,100,1000X growth or more everywhere the discipline is applied because focus and action directed at the vital few things and removed from the trivial many things produces exponential, transcendent growth.

I have another question before we continue and this one might sting a little. Do you live by the belief that you shouldn’t cheat yourself or those who’ve committed their lives to you? I’ll bet you answered yes, and because you did I’ll bet you feel like you have an obligation to do everything you can to realize your potential and maximize your returns?

And that belief explains why you work as hard as you do. Because you care.

But you may also feel like you’ve already done everything you can or know to do and although it may not seem like it at the moment, that’s actually a good thing. Most people (especially men) who successfully change their lives or breakthrough to higher and higher levels of success — later admit it took reaching the end of themselves before they raised their hand and not only asked for help, but acted on that help. 

Yes, even the guys at the top, the businessmen making millions, the famed celebrities, and the star athletes often have to reach the end of themselves before they raise their hand and ask for the help they need to tap more of their potential. 

These are vital questions. Do you believe you have the potential to achieve 30,50,100X growth in your business? What about your life? Can you be, do, have and give far more than you ever have? What about your key relationships? Can they grow to deeper and deeper levels of happiness? 

I hope you said yes to these vital questions, because belief, even if it’s only the size of a grain of sand is what is needed to make change a reality. If you have a little smidgen of belief then you can and will (emphasis on will) take action and change your world.

Great questions are like “Windex.” They wash away the stuff impeding our view. Tweet it.

And these are the 64 Million Dollar Questions

Will you keep doing what you’ve been doing (plodding along) and keep getting what you’ve been getting (cheating yourself and those who’ve committed their lives to you)? Or will you disrupt your current, less than effective thinking patterns and actions to explore new ways of thinking, new ways of being, new ways of doing what you do?

I’ve sprayed the Windex and cleared the stuff impeding your view, so navigating the months ahead should be much easier. Now you’ve got to decide where you’re going to drive.

Only the Vital Few Matter,
-Les Dossey…

P.S. Don’t Live the Same Just Barely Getting By “Year” 75 Years In a Row and Call It A Life. Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn how the vital few methodology can help you escape the plodding effect.